Climate-Controlled Storage Unit in Jackson, TN

When storing items for extended periods, you should consider temperature controlled for your belongings. These types of units are commonly called climate controlled.


We offer a variety of unit sizes in our temperature-controlled buildings. Our temperature controlled storage units are kept at a temperature between 52 and 77 degrees (F). This type of unit is beneficial for storing valuable or environmentally-sensitive items. In a temperature controlled setting, your valuables will be better protected from damage in long-term storage.


Our temperature controlled units are inside of a building, giving you some extra peace of mind and privacy.


Jackson Storage Solutions offers a variety of security features such as 24-hour video monitoring, electronic-gated access, well-lit surroundings, and an onsite manager.


Below are some common items that often need temperature-controlled storage:

Wood– Wooden objects like tables, chairs, and stringed instruments are susceptible to damage in both extreme heat and extreme cold. In heat, it can expand and crack. In the cold, wood can contract, causing it to crack when it thaws out again.


Electronics – Computers, speakers, cameras, and most other electronic devices are damaged beyond use after long-term exposure to humidity and extreme cold.


Media – DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records all lose image or sound quality in extreme heat. If you have treasured tunes or family videos, you’ll definitely want to keep them in temperature controlled storage.


Wine – Wine cannot age properly in extreme heat. After long-term heat exposure, wine can turn brown and cloudy.


Fabric – Items like clothes, stuffed toys, and upholstered furniture are at high risk of growing mold and mildew in a humid environment.


Metal – Moist air, especially when combined with extremely hot or cold temperatures, is a recipe for rust.


Paper – Books, newspapers, and photographs can yellow and fade in extreme temperatures, and can be ruined altogether while exposed to prolonged humidity.


Medical Supplies- Can be susceptible to extreme heat or extreme cold